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 to be in a members home Bergen/Passaic County Border.October (Tuesday Oct 22nd 2013 7-8:30pm).
Please RSVP by email (20 people max)  Erica 973-934-9471

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2011 /  2012 MEETING NOTES:
(More speakers to be confirmed with upcoming dates- stay tuned.)

Wed. Feb 24th 2011
Jeanne opened up the meeting at 7pm. Mr. Ira Finkles, a special education attorney talked about the appeals system. Mr Finkles had an apraxia case, many years ago, where he stated how important expert witnesses in their fields are to cases.
Pete Wright was mentioned as a good resource. His website is Mr Finkles also talked about emotions and disability law. Some titles that were talked about:  (FETA)  state regulated plans vs. federal regulated plans. ERISA.  Self funded plans  75%. Other descriptions -OT< SLP, PT, Talk Institute.  Carol Aitchinson- psychologist-slp, Alix Rubin, Autism law 2004, state regulated plan up to 36k - 5 specific services. There was much information shared, Mr Finkles can be reached at  The meeting closed at 8:30pm, Jeanne thanked him for speaking. 

Wed. March 16th 2011
Laura Siclari, Esq. will talk about IDEA,ADA, Section 504,the differences and other issues. Q & A will be after the talk. 

Wed. May 4th 2011
Jeanne introduced Dr Fremder at 7pm. Dr Fremder is in practice for many years
. She described how the research has changed from when she started her practice to now. What we are learning about short and long term memory and how we retain information. What research now is showing that our brains are now now as short as we thought regarding time memoryWe are able to go to 21 years old to try and teach memory retention to individuals and beyond. Dr Fremder did a memory exercise using a picture we had to trace while looking in the mirror reflection, at the same time answering questions and remembering what was asked. She also talked about the we use , but, don’t in our sentences, but the brain hears do this , ex don‘t spill the milk, usually we do it. How we have to correct ourselves on what we say, in a more positive way. Retraining ourselves even regarding speech memory. Dr Fremder said about the differences between a toddler and an young adults, what things are the same regarding  what is the same and difference, sequencing etc. There were questions and answers afterward. The meeting ended at 8:30pm.  Jeanne thanked her for speaking. Dr Fremder can be reached at her email

Fall 2011/Spring 2012 - TBA
Dr. David Mitnick, is the director of the New Jersey Family Practice Group in Paramus. He will be discussing Identifying Depression in Your Middle School or High School Child. How to Recognize and Treat it
Jeanne was interviewed about apraxia with her son. Here is the tv schedule to be aired on cablevision.

Your story will start Sunday and will air thru Feb 4 on Cablevision channel of New Jersey ch 78 in Morris and Passaic and ch 118 in Bergen. 8am, 10:30am, 2:30pm, 6:30 and 10:30pm. watch