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Who is Jeanne Buesser

"All the children eventually reach the top of their mountain but each has a different way of getting there."

Jeanne Buesser is President of the nonprofit grassroots organization, Apraxia Network of Bergen County (New Jersey) which she founded over 16 years ago.

She is a parent of two special needs adult children. She also has written many articles in locals papers/ magazines which are listed in the links section of the He Talks Funny website. Recently she was interviewed on local tv and radio stations,Rose Moore Show, and The

She also has a public service announcement on on apraxia, and Facebook,has spoken at conferences, including Learning Disability Association Of New Jersey. Furthermore, in 2005, Ms.Buesser was presented the "Outstanding Volunteer Achievement Award" by the Volunteers of Morris County. In 2009, she was nominated for "Volunteer of the Year" from the Learning Disabilities Association of New Jersey.

Her newest children's book is called He Talks Funny, on Apraxia which is available anywhere. Her next two books Journey from Darkenss to Light, and Moonlight Till Dawn are poetry related. Her newest books are  called WIllow Tree and Water Line.